The City of Council Bluffs has received a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield Area-Wide Planning Grant to prepare a neighborhood revitalization plan for the Mid-City neighborhood. The Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program is designed to assist communities confront local environmental and public health challenges related to brownfields, and benefit under served or economically disadvantaged communities. Area-wide planning for brownfields encourages community-based involvement in site assessment, cleanup and reuse planning, as well as overall neighborhood revitalization.

This study will provide an in-depth analysis of existing conditions and identify opportunities, with an emphasis on the identification of strategic sites that are catalysts for revitalization.

Public involvement will be a key component of this study, with input to be gathered from residents, property owners, business owners, and various other stakeholders. In addition, an Advisory Committee comprised of key local stakeholders will guide the process.

The anticipated outcomes of this project include:

  1.  A comprehensive land use assessment and analysis.
  2. An economic and market trends analysis of regional and local forces.
  3. Identification and description of all brownfield sites with an emphasis on the reuse and redevelopment potential.
  4. Recommendations for future uses and actions to redevelop strategic sites and revitalize the community.

The Mid-City area-wide planning process is a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive approach to brownfield redevelopment based on sound planning principles, environmental analysis, and economic and real estate analysis. Elan Planning, Design & Landscape Architecture, PLLC (Elan) has been selected to work with the project Advisory Committee to facilitate development of the Plan. Joining Elan’s team of professionals are Chroma Design, Ehrhart Griffin & Associates, Thiele Geotech, Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig, and The Williams Group.

The Mid-City Area Wide Plan is expected to be completed in the summer of 2015.

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